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consider sth. as... regard take look on

no sooner... than...; the moment...; as soon as; once No sooner said than done. 一说就做到了。 He started off as soon as he got the message. 他一接到通知就动身了。 The science of engineering began as soon as man learned to use ...

看你前面说什么 we, too是不会错的 如果前面是个句子,那用so are we 或者so do we,要看你前一句的动词是什么 我是加拿大留学生 这点应该不会错

主要体现在.... Mainly reflects in...

这些是只可以做到某事的只能: can only. just able to only can Only able to 这些是别无选择的只能: have no choice but can only..... can't help but...... 不知道你是要哪种。 希望能帮到你^^

在....之后 after 在....之间 in the middle of 你是干什么的?我是学生 What do you do? I am a student. 他是干什么的?他是记者。 What does he do? He is a journalist. 我想要西红柿面条。 I would like to have tomato noodle. 我能坐 这 ...

In term of. 就......而言。in reference to 就.而言with reference to;in reference to. 关于;就…而言as far as .. be concerned ; when it comes to .. 就..而言;关于

意味着 mean imply It means that... 例: The implication of silence infers consent 沉默意味着同意。 Silence implies consent. 沉默意味着同意。 Health means wealth. 健康意味着财富

Not only...but also... 举个例子:不仅是我,他也喜欢唱歌 Not only me but also he likes to sing 注意就近原则:动词的人称应跟据与它最近的名词 上面like的与he最近 所以用第三人称单数likes

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